IMDb Rating 5.3

Wander is a 2020 American thriller film Written by Tim Doiron and directed by April Mullen. The film Produced by Tim Doiron, Andre Relis, Chad A. Verdi, April Mullen, Jason Allison, Mary Aloe, Douglas Falconer and James van der Woerd.

The film starring Aaron Eckhart, Katheryn Winnick, Heather Graham, Tommy Lee Jones, Raymond Cruz and Brendan Fehr in the leading roles. This film music composed by Alexandra Mackenzie and Cinematography Gavin Smith, Russ De Jong.

Wander Movie Story Line

Arthur Bretnik is a mentally unstable conspiracy theorist and private investigator with a traumatic history. After Arthur was detained to investigate a possible cover-up incident in the small town of Wander. He was soon suspected that the murder was part of a ‘cover-up’ that led to the death of his daughter and in a world ended up of lies and deception.

The key is the attitude we hear in the first scene. The deceased’s mother called Arthur’s program and asked him to investigate the death. He doesn’t want to because he’s paranoid. But Jimmy urges him to explore the remote town of Wander the dead are beyond the city limits.

And we soon learned that the weapon we heard was not a weapon, but a chip explosion that had been surgically implanted in the victim’s chest. The person reading is trying to get out of Wander.

It’s a pleasure to see the unconventional and insane Aaron Eckhart as a loner who suffers from PTSD and delves into conceivable crimes in the Southwest. Tommy Lee Jones and Heather Graham are also seen as two allies. However, the film’s hyperbolic style and complex narrative demands more patience than intrigue. Creating a mess with many twists and turns that seem silly and unnecessary.

Aaron Eckhart and Katheryn Winnick in Wander Movie

The crazy shots were meant to reflect our protagonist’s panicky mind, but it caused a headache and totally ruined the whole scene if Bretnik was that crazy. Why chase him down the rabbit hole? Eckhart’s tendency to exaggerate in most of his scenes feeds the flames. And the camera peeps into his eyes when Bretnik finds a new lead.

Arthur finds comfort in life from conspiracy theorist Jimmy (Tommy Lee Jones), who is in his life alongside his friend and lawyer Shelley (Heather Graham), who accuses Jimmy of distorting Arthur’s perception of the world and always spoiling the precarious situation.

Atmosphere the two host a conspiracy podcast together that discusses everything from the Illuminati to the possibility of a human experimental operation like Project MK-Ultra.

Huge conspiracy thriller stops the audience. It identify with the heroes struggling to find the truth despite the intrigues of the rich and powerful. We take your breath away with every new devastating story or with every charge of treason.

We are aware of the parallels between our own world and the world on the screen. As both show that justice is an illusion that forces itself to protect them from vulnerable content with lies feeding them every day.

Sometimes we achieve catharsis when the hero wins, and sometimes we suffer his inevitable loss. After all, great conspiracy thrillers reveal our inner doubts about how awful and unfair life is. Unfortunately, WANDER isn’t a great conspiracy thriller.