IMDb Rating 4.9

The Water Man is a 2021 American drama film directed by David Oyelowo. This film Produced by Shivani Rawat, David Oyelowo, Carla Gardini, Monica Levinson and Written by Emma Needell.

The Water Man movie starring David Oyelowo, Rosario Dawson, Lonnie Chavis, Amiah Miller, Alfred Molina and Maria Bello in the leading roles.

This film music composed by Peter Baert, Cinematography Matthew J. Lloyd and Edited work done by Blu Murray. In this film Distributed by RLJE Films and released on May 7, 2021.

The Water Man Movie Story Line

To save his ailing mother (Rosario Dawson), Gunner (Lonnie Chavis) sets out to find the legendary figure, the Man in The Water Man, who has kept the secret of immortality. After enlisting the help of a mysterious local girl, Jo (Amiah Miller), they travel together to a remote forest of wild horses.

But the further they go, the stranger and more dangerous the forest becomes. His only hope for rescue will be to find Gunner’s (David Oyelowo) father and do everything he can to find out who his son really is.

Rather than throw a ball that Amos rushed to his room to be rejected, Gunner prefers to draw his comic book about a detective investigating his own murder; The two have a tense relationship, especially when compared to Gunner’s intuitive closeness to his mother.

But the relationship comes with its own challenges, many of which are on the brink as Mary battles a terminal illness and tries to hide the damage and dire consequences for her son. These are the hard foundations of ‘The Waterman’, which revolves around Gunner’s quest for the protagonist. A local legend believed to have the power of immortality.

Based on the 2015 blacklisted screenplay by Emma Needell. The Water Man is reminiscent of popular 1980s children’s adventure films and combines family drama, mystical elements and daring journeys.

As a filmmaker, Oyelowo skillfully internalizes children’s worldview as a world full of fantastic possibilities and potential dangers. With the help of an excellent supporting cast, including Alfred Molina and Maria Bello. The essence of the story is fully in line with their emotions and surprises.

David Oyelowo and Rosario Dawson in The Water Man Movie

Each character is in a place, or at least contains information. Mary didn’t want Gunner to know how sick she was. Gunner lies to his family and runs away from home, causing the whole town to panic. Jo lied about everything. He had a reason.

And Amos, a grieving man, lies to his wife about Gunner’s disappearance; It’s an unforgivable decision, but completely understandable. To quote Harriet the Spy, a book written for the same age group, “Sometimes You Have to Lie”.

Perhaps The Water Man would have had more impact without its turbulent ending. Its deliberately fantastical, sensitive and helpful embrace of the truth. And taught only the truest and most indisputable lessons. It’s pretty boring.

Although it’s a great place for a couple of little guys who have left the Berenstain Bears but haven’t started their biggest Potterverse drama yet. But the lack of real atmosphere and real fear or danger for anyone outside that window makes this episodic journey small and small.