IMDb Rating 6.1

The Dark and the Wicked is a 2020 American horror film written and directed by Bryan Bertino. The film stars Marin Ireland, Xander Berkeley, Lynn Andrews, Michael Abbott Jr. and Ella Ballentine. The soundtrack for the film was composed by Tom Schraeder, Cinematography Tristan Nyby and Edited Works by William Boodell, Zachary Weintraub. Movies produced by Bryan Bertino, Adrienne Biddle, Sonny Mallhi and Kevin Matusow.

The Dark and the Wicked Movie Story Line

The two brothers are called to the family farm to await the inevitable death of their father. What initially seemed like a timeless ritual of loss and memory turns out to be something completely different. A man slowly dies on a remote farm. While his wife in bed, she struggled to take a last breath. He slowly succumbed to severe pain.

There is an enclosed farm in exile in the countryside. This is a house on this farm. There is an old man in this house. This man is slowly dying. Grown children Louise (Marin Ireland, Sneaky Pete) and Michael (Michael Abbott Jr., The Death of Dick Long) put their lives on hold and returned home to with him during their most difficult hours.

Bertino continued his actions for several days, simultaneously causing pain and the risk of bruising, swelling and changes. Marking your horror moments with title cards not only follows the passage of time, but fills each moment with knowledge as we move towards an ungodly end. If there is a start date, it must also have an end date, and if you start in a dark place, you can’t help but limit yourself by guessing what’s going to happen.

Fantasia International Film Festival

Among the 30 films recently announced for the event and released internationally The Dark And The Wicked, directed by American writer / director Bryan Bertino, which premiered at the Fantasia International Film Festival from Tribeca. Dreams of Japanese director Tsutomu Hanabusa: How to build a Mazinger Z hangar; and director John Hyams Alone, the American remake of the 2012 Swedish thriller Gone.

Bryan Bertino’s The Dark and the Wicked premiere with brothers RLJE Films and AMC Networks’ Shudder In as part of a North American deal ahead of its horror world premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival on Friday. It now scheduled to hit theaters across the United States through RLJE Films on November 6. AMC’s broadcast arm, Shudder, has also acquired rights in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, and scheduled for release in 2021.

Marin Ireland and Xander Berkeley in The Dark and the Wicked Movie

The 15 minute opening by far the most remarkable, and it allowed us to the center of attention, isolated farms and barns full of bleach goats, flat, surrounded by empty land, and the main character. The father (Michael Zagst) has already refused. It usually shown up close with the help of oxygen on the subsequent death bed.

Much like the last horror movie with a theme similar to The Relic. The Dark and the Wicked clearly intended to work on a psychological level. What he has fully achieved is a testament not only to his great technical skills and accomplishments. But also to his extraordinary ability to harness an existential sense of family responsibility. As with the best horror movies, your fear lingers long after it’s gone.