IMDb Rating 5.5

PVT Chat is a 2021 erotic drama film directed and written by Ben Hozie. The film Produced by Oliver David, Screenplay by Ben Hozie and Distributed by Dark Star Pictures Vertigo.

This film starring Julia Fox, Peter Vack, Dasha Nekrasova, Heather Allison, Nikki Belfiglio, Austin Brown, Atticus Cain, Michelle Chu, Andrew Clark, Oliver David and Ally Davis in the leading roles. The film music composed by Austin Brown, Cinematography and Edited work done by Ben Hozie.

PVT Chat Movie Story Line

Jack is a lonely internet gamer living in New York City. He quickly fixes Scarlet, a San Francisco camera. When Jack learns more about Scarlet, he discovers his untapped talent as a painter and begins to fall in love with him. When a fantasy unfolds, his obsession reaches a boiling point and Jack sees Scarlet on a rainy street in New York’s Chinatown.

Scarlet seemed to develop genuine feelings for him by forcibly taking Jack’s wallet and keeping the whole truth open. Jack needs to know if his emotional connection is real or if he’s just going for a walk.

The first half of the film is told from Jack’s pathetic and claustrophobic perspective. She masturbates on Scarlet’s orders, but her sexual energy can only be seen in blackjack. It didn’t open it like everything else. Played by Kevin Moccia and Safdie’s regular friend Buddy Duress, two humble men step into Jack’s orbit and seem to be looking for something bad. Jack plays Big Shot with them, so excited.

His fantasy with Scarlet was neither real nor sexual. She wants to be connected, wants to open up and speak for herself. He did that and showed her the picture. He complimented them, praised them, and felt more like the first dating behavior than the third act of transactional sex.

To impress Scarlet, Jack acts like a tech fan on the road to breakthrough inventions. Scarlet, who seems impressed by this, talks about her personal life and shares her photo with Jack, who praises the latter with the passion of a young lover. But things take a dark turn when Jack discovers Scarlet on the dirty streets of New York. Jack’s turn to don the Adept’s coat he owns unleashes his despair, at least in a terrifying new light.

Julia Fox and Peter Vack in PVT Chat Movie

Instead, PVP Chat likes to guide Jack through his spooky routine, whether it’s his main job as an online blackjack player or something off the go for Scarlet and her new friends. Jack also shares his troubling worldview that any relationship, platonic or not, is a situation that someone uses or takes advantage of.

There was never a time when he was never excited and angry and had the general feeling that he cared about Scarlet. He also begins to walk the line of his passion, finding solace in the city streets before moving on.

Scarlet is an elusive character, even after the centerpiece of the movie, showing the story from her perspective. Fox portrayed him as effortlessly calm and confident. And when we looked at the Red Man, we didn’t really motivate him. In particular, he seems to be someone whose men reflect their own fantasies.

It’s an honest comment about treating women, especially sex workers, as objects. But it would be nice if Hozie continued to purify his own ambitions. PVP CHAT looks fun, funny and scary, with a distorted yet recognizable take on our own characters and worlds.