IMDb Rating 7.5

Promising Young Woman is a 2020 American black comedy thriller film directed by Emerald Fennell. This film Margot Robbie, Josey McNamara, Tom Ackerley, Ben Browning, Ashley Fox and Emerald Fennell.

The film starring Carey Mulligan, Bo Burnham, Alison Brie, Clancy Brown, Jennifer Coolidge, Laverne Cox and Connie Britton in the leading roles. This film music composed by Anthony Willis, Cinematography Benjamin Kracun and Edited work done by Frederic Thoraval.

Promising Young Woman Movie Story Line

Nothing in Cassie’s life looks so smart and cunning, and she leads a secret double life at night. The unexpected meeting now gives Cassie a chance to correct past mistakes. Once a week, she is passed out by a few men who dress up to the age of nine, go to a club and pretend to ‘help’ her, but only want to take advantage of a woman who is clearly lacking integrity. such as consent control.

In the cafeteria where she works, her former classmate Ryan Cooper interrogates Cassie. He said on his date that Al was getting married. Cassie launches a plan to get revenge on the people she believes are responsible for Nina’s rape. For lunch she meets Madison McPhee, an old friend of Nina’s who doesn’t believe she was raped; He drank her and hired a man to take Madison to a hotel room. The next day, Cassie hears voice messages from a desperate Madison who can’t remember what happened.

Cassie, the protagonist of Emerald Fennell’s first film “Promising Young Woman“, has an interesting hobby. Years ago he dropped out of medical school with his best friend Nina after a dark trauma. Now he works in a cafe and stops men at night to show that his perception of his morals is a form of denial. Fennell slowly describes what happened to Nina in Promising Young Woman. But it is clear that she is the victim not only of a privileged man. But also of the system that protects the criminal from the prosecution. Cassie tried to disassemble the systems one by one.

Carey Mulligan and Bo Burnham in Promising Young Woman Movie

Reading a report by Evan Rachel Wood and four other women this week about the alleged abuse of Marilyn Manson certainly helped me speak louder than squirm. Promising Young Woman, a phrase used to describe middle-aged men defend the sadly accused of rape and wipe out the “promising young Woman” trop was written and directed by Emerald Fennell and has split the critics in two. He is weak, informative, preacher, reductionist, unequal and ruthless towards victims of sexual assault.

The film received positive reviews from critics and positive reactions from the public, regardless of the current situation. This film has won numerous awards since its world premiere. Despite being marketed as a dark comedy, the story goes deeper than anyone could imagine as it deals with sensitive topics such as rape culture. The trailer also hints at Cassandra’s dream of becoming a disaffected doctor. Many review sites claim that the images are misleading and that the movie is much more accurate than it looks.

But there’s also the scene where Cassie brings the tape to her car from a man yelling at her for stopping at an intersection for too long, and there’s no record of her actions, no big plans – she’s just a woman who is taller. dares to be stronger. Aliens themselves respond to their explosive rage. And there’s an ending where Cassie meets Destiny at a bachelorette party for her medical classmate Al Monroe (Chris Lowell) who once raped her unconscious drunken best friend Nina, so she has a career. When Nina goes out and kills herself.