IMDb Rating 6.4

Possessor is a 2020 sci-fi psychological horror film written and directed by Brandon Cronenberg. The film stars Andrea Riseborough, Christopher Abbott, Rossif Sutherland, Tuppence Middleton, Sean Bean and Jennifer Jason Leigh, a joint international production from the UK, US and Canada. The soundtrack for the film was composed by Jim Williams and camera Karim Hussain.

Possessor Movie Story Line

Brandon Cronenberg’s new film Possessor, son of legendary director David Cronenberg, hits theaters next month. That’s why a full trailer for this identity-altering horror sci-fi movie has released and we know it’s just a trailer, but honestly, it sounds like a lot of fun. The film debuted at Sundance in January and was distributed in the UK by Signature Entertainment. It was released on October 9.

Fearing that praising his new work will hurt an emerging artist’s feelings, it can seen as a hitherto unknown entry into his father’s filmography. But Brandon Cronenberg certainly knows what he got into with his second feature.

The Possessor, a psychological horror film whose body has widespread brain control devices, deliberately provocative blood, and scientific tools like speculators in Dead ringtones and brutal tweezers. without compromising the shine of luxury luxury design. Sadly, David Cronenberg’s son Jennifer played Jason Leigh, bringing echoes of his movie home on his father’s eXistenZ.

We know that filming in theaters will begin in early 2019. Arclight Films starts here in Cannes with worldwide distribution. Cronenberg directed a screenplay he wrote about Tasya Vos (Riseborough), a representative of a secret organization that uses brain implant technology to reside in the bodies of others and encourage them to commit murders for high-paying clients. But something wrong with his routine job, and soon the desire for violence caught in the mind of an unconscious suspect (Abbott) competing with his.

Psychological Horror Film

Christopher Abbott, who will soon appear in George Clooney’s TV series Catch 22, is wearing special glasses in this photo of writer / director Brandon Cronenberg’s owner. Arclight is in Cannes to sell international rights to the sci-fi thriller movie. Starring Andrea Riseborough, Rossif Sutherland, Tuppence Middleton, Sean Bean and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

The incident with the owner involved physical horror, suggesting something like this in the Cronenberg family: Brandon, David’s son. But your son is not imitating his father here. It works on its own level. Young Cronenberg had shown his talent with the malicious antiviral, but the owner felt that the job entirely his. Cronenberg’s handlebars were precise and controlled, packed with sleek frames. Even though the blood didn’t splash on the screen, we still felt uncomfortable.

The owners will released worldwide on October 9, 2020. As far as we know, the film will be showing uncut in standard theaters and auto theaters today. They describe the film as “an engaging sci-fi thriller about elite corporate killer Tasya Vos (Andrea Riseborough)”. Vos uses brain implant technology to control other people’s bodies to achieve high-level goals.