IMDb Rating 5.7


Long Weekend is a 2021 American romantic science fiction comedy-drama film directed by Steve Basilone. This film Produced by Deanna Barillari, Theodora Dunlap, Jess Jacobs, Laura Lewis, Audrey Rosenberg, Sam Bisbee and Written by Steve Basilone.

Long Weekend movie starring Finn Wittrock, Zoe Chao, Damon Wayans Jr., Casey Wilson, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Jim Rash and Carter Morgan in the leading roles.

This movie music composed by Lauren Culjak, Cinematography Felipe Vara de Rey and Edited work done by Libby Cuenin, Stephanie Kaznocha. This film Distributed by Stage 6 Films and released on March 12, 2021.

Long Weekend Movie Story Line

Unhappy after working in a doctor’s office, Bart moves into the garage of his best friend Doug, who is married to Rachel and has two children. Unable to make money from the novels he wrote and from his friend’s depression, he was broke.

Whit withdrew from him, ignoring his psychiatric calls. Bart goes to the movies and falls asleep in the cinema, is awakened by a random girl named Wina and tells her the movie is over.

Few films have benefited from the right timing. This is the case with Steve Bailone‘s first film, a fast-paced romantic movie full of science fiction fundamentals. Normally, it can be tempting to poke holes in Long Weekend’s fantastic explorations and intrigues.

But after a year of social isolation caused by a pandemic, the film is more reminiscent of the simple pleasure of making meaningful emotional and physical connections with other people.

The charm of this secret is not so evident in Vienna, but rather how desperate romantics deal with their impending breakup or whether they will fall apart. Bart has questioned his mental health on several occasions. As have his friends who only knew about his existence through him.

It’s a Ruby Sparks-inspired take on the conflict between the two that puts her under tremendous pressure to move forward. Doubt if he’s lying, maybe bipolar, or if he’s really telling the truth is about the protagonist and everything in between.

Finn Wittrock and Casey Wilson in Long Weekend Movie

Needless to say, Bart is both an object of love and a target. As he needs some sort of identity to carry out his plans. He also has no intention of falling in love with Bart. It’s easy to admit that these characters really love each other as there are some delicate and captivating scenes in Vienna where you first experience the fireworks or dance together.

But when Wina starts talking about the impending dilemma of her mother’s life in danger. Something as short as the weekend is too short to add to the weight and emotions it should have been.

When Nichols asked the actress if she had been rejected by a woman, the director recalled. He said, I swear, what do you mean? He doesn’t even understand the concept. The Long Weekend drawn to many pieces of Sundance’s independent romantic comedy from the decades past.

There is even a scene where Bart Wina asks if he is a fairytale dream girl. As if to indicate that the film not included in the comparison to higher works.