IMDb Rating 2.9

Jiu Jitsu is a 2020 American science fiction martial arts film co-written and directed by Dimitri Logothetis. The film starring Alain Moussi, Frank Grillo, JuJu Chan, Tony Jaa, Nicolas Cage, Rick Yune and Marie Avgeropoulos in the leading roles.

This film Produced by Martin Barab, Chris Economides and Screenplay by Dimitri Logothetis, James McGrath. Jiu Jitsu movie music composed by Mocean Worker, Cinematography Gerardo Madrazo and Edited work done by Danny McDonald.

Jiu Jitsu Movie Story Line

Every six years, an ancient group of experienced Jiu Jitsu warriors fights for the world against a ferocious race of alien invaders. For thousands of years the invaders have thus far lost to defenders of the world. The future of the world is at stake In a forest of Asia-Burma (Mayanmar), Jake Barnes, the famous war hero, escapes a flying star (“secret weapon”) commanded by Brax, a powerful raid leader.

We descend to the ground in the nameless forest and run with a man (Alain Moussi) in a dress that doesn’t suit us. At the same time, he ran after him and piloted the electricity-generating ninja star. The human mantle seems more than capable of avoiding these nasty things just by running and moving.

He didn’t seem to be in a hurry either. Maybe I will run in the future. Finally, the Sweaty Guy moves, runs away, reaches the edge of the forest and finds a sunny cliff face. The highest point of which might remind you of a similar scene from another movie.

While the first person number fortunately unique to this scene the perspective then reversed. There are fast SnorriCam footage showing the soldiers’ faces as they are being attacked, speed is how the game works. Notices himself getting caught up in a very long series of fight scenes whose duration rarely seems to be dictated by the need for the plot.

Even worse, Logothetis rushed with DP Gerardo Madrazo as if he were taking a bottle of Ritalin out of a hunter’s pocket – constant movement, slow motion, and other effects made the cast’s physique very difficult to predict. Members who know how to fight, as far as we can see here.

Nicolas Cage and Marie Avgeropoulos in Jiu Jitsu Movie

The action sequences are eerily long and unobtrusive, similar to the in-game action in the first-person game. As always, Cage handed out all the weird and booming badges himself. And at one point showed how he made a hat from a newspaper. Otherwise, everything is a bit ugly and gloomy, except for a compromise where Jake wakes up in a secure military installation and finds out that he is in Burma. ‘Burma? I thought it was Myanmar! ‘

Much of the film focuses on a man and a roaring monster in the woods with a camouflaged two-dimensional hit man named Brax, as Jake’s soldiers are captured one by one. The creature’s holographic face resembles the design of a Mesoamerican Olmec head. And shows more creativity in character design than behind-the-scenes improvement.

It’s not that Jake didn’t go through. Ultimately, people with amnesia realize that they have certain skills, including a tendency to self-defense, which marks a dangerous past. But that less important than what gave him the skills today – exactly what storytelling needed to prepare him for the climate battle with Brax.

In this sense, it essentially includes Jiu Jitsu. The drama is endless, of course, the budget constraints are clear, the dialogue is silly. The story is highly deductive (Mortal Kombat meets Predator), and the dramatic efforts are ridiculous. However, these shortcomings make Jiu Jitsu feel like it was part of the genre movies of the 80s and 90s. I am disabled but happy.