IMDb Rating 6.2

I’m Your Woman a 2020 American neo-noir crime film directed by Julia Hart. The film starring Rachel Brosnahan, Arinzé Kene, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Bill Heck, Frankie Faison and Marceline Hugot in the leading roles.

This film produced by Rachel Brosnahan, Jordan Horowitz and written by Julia Hart, Jordan Horowitz. The film music composed by Aska Matsumiya, Cinematography Bryce Fortner and Edited work done by Tracey Wadmore-Smith, Shayar Bansali.

I’m Your Woman Movie Story Line

Jean was a housewife in the late 1970s and married Eddie, a professional thief. The couple were unable to have or adopt children, which Jean had long accepted. One day, Eddie mysteriously gives birth to a baby that Jean can raise.

After a while, Jean is woken up in the night by one of Eddie’s colleagues, Jimmy, who gives him a bag of money and orders Jean to escape. They turn them over to a man named Cal, who has promised to help Jimmy.

It is important to note that Hart has a greater purpose here than challenging the traditional masterpiece of male predisposition in general. If it ends there, the artistic scope of “I Am Your Woman” severely limited, and may even if it becomes one of those feminine movies, she could fall into the trap of false femininity “strong woman.” -The strength usually the same as your physique.

It’s not that easy for Hart and co-author Jordan Horowitz. It would be really easy (and lazy) to give us a smart feminist heroine with a strong patriarchal passion. John, on the other hand, had a right to get angry and obey the thief’s orders.

The first time we see Eddie is when he takes baby Jean home; We don’t know where the baby came from. But he absently adopted him and named him Harry. Soon he and his son are forced to flee. Eddie has a bad side, but who and how is not clear and now they want revenge.

Rachel Brosnahan and Frankie Faison in I’m Your Woman Movie

Rachel Brosnahan knows how to show herself as Jean. The wonderful Miss Maisel is hiding from a frozen killer in a closet with Harry, or although Aretha Franklin’s “A Natural Woman” sings in a voice that makes Harry laugh, “Ahoo”, she brings Jean to life.

Harry, meanwhile, is super cute and can even make Grogu, formerly known as El Niño, receive his money with soft bets. Arinzé Tick accidentally portrays Cal, Jean’s guardian angel, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Cal Teri’s wife, while Bill Heck is Carefree Eddie and Marceline Hugot Evelyn, who may or may not be guilty.

The girl doesn’t make Harry emotional, turn him into MacGuffin, or take advantage of his vulnerability to evil. (When you see how Jean wears it, your heart doesn’t beat when Llewyn Davis takes the cat on the subway.)

She played by three kids (Jameson and Justin Charles, Barrett Shaffer) with actor faces, and Hart takes it. The photos react to his environment and, together with Brosnahan, make common discoveries, a wonderful explosion of selfishness.

In the last half, the two women are in the middle of the action. When the survival instinct sets in, we see another John stop responding and take action when self-pity paves the way for self-confidence. While the bloody climax isn’t as simple as the loneliness. And fear that pervades the story, Hart pays enough credit to pay out his saving.