Good on Paper is an upcoming American romantic comedy film directed by Kimmy Gatewood. This film Produced by Han West, David Bernon, Paul Bernon, Sam Slater and Written by Iliza Shlesinger.

Good on Paper movie starring Taylor Hill, Tyler Cameron, Matt McGorry, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Margaret Cho, Ryan Hansen and Iliza Shlesinger in the leading roles.

This film music composed by Jonathan Sanford, Cinematography Giles Dunning and Edited work done by Kyla Plewes. In this film Distributed by Netflix and released on June 23, 2021.

Good on Paper Movie Story Line

Andrea Singer has always put her stand-up career first, and while dating is easy, love isn’t a priority. Until she meets Dennis, a quirky geek with a charming charm that makes her stop in Hat to do just that. to be. Not convinced she’s everything, her best friend, Margot, asks Andrea to go find the wild chicken to find out who Dennis really is. Mostly based on true stories.

Comedians who have prioritized their careers for years meet a man who looks perfect: smart, nice, successful and maybe too good to be true. Based on true stories, Good on Paper was co-written with Ryan Hansen, Margaret Cho, Tyler Cameron, Taylor Hill and Rebecca Rittenhouse and starred in the comic book Shlesinger.

Shlesinger explains: I wanted to write something funny, weird and relevant. A comedian turns real life into art, so I share my crazy stories and have fun doing it. What started as a cathartic outing has turned into a passionate project with a lot of humor and sincerity. If it’s not so creative or unique, it looks cute and fun. See below.

We did this to allay people’s fears. And when it turned out it was going to take more than a week, he did it,” she said. We are in a good mood every day in the kitchen and you can cook with us. With something the winners of “The Last Comics” don’t know: weeks without a traditional schedule.

Iliza Shlesinger and Ryan Hansen in Good on Paper Movie

Netflix‘s trailer for Good on Paper begins with Cho’s character providing a backstory to Shlesinger’s character, Andrea, that she is unmarried and has been unable to achieve all of her goals. Andrea later meets Dennis (Hansen) on the plane.

Where he reveals that he has a career in hedge funds and goes to Yale. After an encounter, Andrea begins to suspect that Dennis isn’t quite the man he seems. Andrea and his friends hatch a plan to force Dennis to confess his secret. But things take a turn for the worse when he passes out after having too much to drink.

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