IMDb Rating 6.5

Finding You is a 2021 American romance comedy film directed by Brian Baugh. This film Produced by Ken Carpenter, Julie Ryan, Brian Baugh, Stephen Preston and Screenplay by Brian Baugh.

Finding You movie starring Rose Reid, Jedidiah Goodacre, Katherine McNamara, Patrick Bergin, Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Judith Hoag, Tom Everett Scott, Vanessa Redgrave, Vanessa Redgrave, Natalie Britton, Fiona Bell, Marion O’Dwyer and Anabel Sweeney in the leading roles.

This film music composed by Timothy Williams, Kieran Kiely, Cinematography Michael Lavelle and Edited work done by Chris Witt. In this film Distributed by Roadside Attractions and released on May 14, 2021.

Finding You Movie Story Line

Finding You self is an inspiring love drama full of heart and humor about finding the strength to be honest with yourself. After an unfortunate audition at the famed New York Conservatory of Music, violinist Finley Sinclair (Rose Reid) travels to a coastal town in Ireland to begin a semester abroad.

At the hostel run by his adoptive family, he meets the open-minded and determined movie star Beckett Rush (Jedidiah Goodacre) who is there to shoot a new installment of the medieval fantasy adventure series.

As the romance between an unlikely couple unfolds, Beckett embarks on a journey of discovery that will change Finley’s heart, music and attitude to life. In return, Finley encouraged Beckett to move beyond his teen idol image and pursue his true passion.

After an unfortunate audition at a prestigious New York conservatory. Finley Sinclair travels to a coastal town in Ireland to begin a semester abroad. There she meets beautiful movie star Beckett Rush, who is filming the final installment of her medieval fantasy adventure series.

Romance Comedy Film

They begin an unexpected romance. But when the forces surrounding Beckett’s fame threaten to destroy his dreams, Finley must decide what to risk for love. This is a romance comedy film, directed by Brian Baugh.

Like the sirens of a streaming pop song signal in the soundtrack. Violinist Finley Sinclair (Rose Reid) emerges from the depths of the subway as a seemingly confident young woman dealing with the madness of New York City.

But as we soon learned during her failed audition at the prestigious Manhattan Conservatory of Music, she didn’t feel safe in the limelight. His own critical thinking seriously hampered his career goals. To freak out, he spent a semester in Ireland, just like his recently deceased saint brother Alex.

Katherine McNamara and Judith Hoag in Finding You Movie

Finley takes on the role of Beckett’s occasional assistant. Who helps him practice his lines and discover his character (Katherine McNamara). Meanwhile, Finley befriends a nursing home resident (Vanessa Redgrave) who is estranged from her sister (Helen Roche).

There are magical moments that pass: Finley and Beckett’s frequent travels that give them time to interact with the lush Irish environment. Beckett’s celebrity affairs shed light on the unpredictable world of cinema and Finley’s connection to director. Miss Sloppy Sweeney (Vanessa Redgrave) is funny and heartwarming.

But even that touch of sweetness and humor is increasingly caught between twists and eccentric tropes. With everyone eager to play “Notting Hill” without doing the work to maintain it. Most love stories aren’t like the ones we see in the movies. And “Finding You” proves it doesn’t have to be bad.