IMDb Rating 6.1

Finding ‘Ohana is a 2021 American family adventure film Written by Christina Strain and Directed by Jude Weng. The film starring Alex Aiono, Owen Vaccaro, Kelly Hu, Branscombe Richmond, Ke Huy Quan, Chris Parnell, Kea Peahu, Lindsay Watson and Marc Evan Jackson in the leading rols.

This film music composed by Joseph Trapanese, Cinematography Cort Fey and Edited work done by Priscilla Nedd Friendly. The film Produced by Ian Bryce and Distributed by Netflix Release date is January 29, 2021.

Finding ‘Ohana Movie Story Line

12-year-old geocache champion Pilialoha “Pili” Kawena suddenly leaves bustling New York City and heads to the O’ahu countryside to care for her grandfather. Initially suspicious of his new environment, Pili finds an encrypted pirate journal in his father’s office that references the treasure of a 200-year-old ship hidden in the island’s caves and mountains.

Together with his brother and new friends, he uses his skills to solve clues to take them on a lifelong adventure in the natural wonders of Hawaii. As he learns to respect and love native culture, he discovers that not all secrets need to be shared and that the real treasure of life is his Ohana family.

The film features a series of adventurous scenes in a movie where two young men learn about the true Hawaiian heritage. Interestingly, this film features two completely different locations: an urban lifestyle on the one hand. And a jungle adventure on the other. Various locations are used in the film. The first of these was New York, where two teenagers from Brooklyn showed their lifestyle.

A scavenger hunt and ‘ohana (family) take place on a stormy night when father and daughter are handcuffed in a hospital while young men climb a mountain for clues. Adventure is fun with all of the Indiana Jones credentials, including an amalgamation of Nazi faces, hoops, and balancers.

Indiana Jones, Ke Huy Quan spoke about Indiana Jones’ short tour and references to the Temple of Doom and starred in the film. Shadow soldiers weren’t funny. It’s great to recreate what happened to the rebel squad of Brown (Chris Parnell), Robinson (Marc Evan Jackson) and Monks (Ricky García) in The Peruvian.

Kea Peahu and Alex Aiono in Finding ‘Ohana Movie

Pili and E will be looking for treasure soon, and they are sure to find something more valuable. If you still don’t know where it’s going, here’s a clue that ohana means family. But this film isn’t just looking for a way to connect Pili with his brother, mother and grandfather. This film is also about relationships with our wonderful families. A mutually respectful and poignant theme of cultural identity and tradition.

Ian Bryce will produce “Transformers” with Irene Yeung and production manager JJ Hook through Ian Bryce Productions. Katie Malott becomes executive producer. This movie joins Netflix’s list of live action movies for the whole family with kids and teens. Including the 2019 comedy Tall Girl directed by Nzingha Stewart. And Feel the Beat, The Main Event, and Pajama party movies ‘from 2020.

Finding Ohana, as the name suggests, is all about discovering the true value of the family. And the emphasis has always been on interpersonal relationships rather than adventure. Unfortunately, Weng did not see the same justice in this ongoing struggle.

While the emotional exchange between the characters is okay, the setting becomes broad and clumsy, especially towards the climax. Kea and Alex are just as successful as the big screen. Siblings who know how to rub each other and bring comical relief.