IMDb Rating 6.3

Falling is a 2021 drama film written and directed by Viggo Mortensen. The film Produced by Daniel Bekerman, Chris Curling, Viggo Mortensen and Written by Viggo Mortensen.

This film starring Lance Henriksen, Sverrir Gudnason, Laura Linney, Viggo Mortensen, Hannah Gross, Terry Chen and David Cronenberg in the leading roles. The film music composed by Viggo Mortensen, Cinematography Marcel Zyskind and Edited work done by Ronald Sanders.

Falling Movie Story Line

Falling follows John (Viggo Mortensen), who lives in California with his wife Eric (Terry Chen) and daughter Monica (Gabby Velis), a departure from the traditional country life he left years ago when his curator father, Willis (Lance Henriksen) lived alone. John grew up on a remote farm.

In the early stages of dementia, Willis is taken to John’s California home to help him move. Unfortunately, his best intentions ended in a confrontation with Willis’ persistent refusal to change his lifestyle in the slightest.

Then there is a family drama that focuses on the unhealthy relationship between the fathe. The volcano of dark emotions, and his son, who responds to the old man’s attacks with sounds of patience, kindness, and room temperature.

Anyone trying to care for a loved one with dementia, especially an unconscious person, will understand John’s condition. He felt an innate sense of family loyalty and was a good man. He will not leave his father. But there are many things that a person can achieve.

What directional contact can we expect from such a Renaissance man? Will his first feature films be simple and complete, like the meatball rider he played in “The Green Book”. Or will he be more poetic than his work with arthouse directors esoteric? The answer, which may not surprise you, is a little bit of both.

Falling” is more annoying and straightforward than the legendary American outlet and is perfectly accessible to the general public. Mortensen’s patience, the way he treats players, and his confidence in our intelligence are no different from Eastwood at the end of his career, which wasn’t a bad place to lead someone at the start of his career.

Viggo Mortensen and Lance Henriksen in Falling Movie

I think Mortensen absorbed Larry McMurtry’s influence with his memories of farming and horses and his take on borderline masculinity. Interestingly, Willis watches Hawks’ Red River on TV with John Wayne, and perhaps McMurtry’s DNA is indirectly reflected in Mortensen’s contemporary work through the screenplay for McMurtry’s The Last Picture Show (via Red River).

There is real passion and tragedy in these vivid flashbacks triggered by moods, shapes and sounds. Sometimes there is black comedy. Cronenberg has a cameo as a proctologist who has to take Willis an aging rectal exam that. Reveals all kinds of nasty clues about his son’s gender identity.

In the timeline of the movie “Now”, his life cycle is almost over and the child takes responsibility for his father. It is not an easy task. Willis became a reproachful father at one point in his life who decided to seek the worst in people and has faced a dilemma ever since.

It’s hard to know where your natural hostility to others ends and the ugly mouth of your cognitive decline begins. But anyone who cares about someone with dementia knows full well that losing that line is the last thing that happens before love focuses on hate.