IMDb Rating 6.8

Dream Horse is a 2021 sports comedy-drama film directed by Euros Lyn. This film Produced by Katherine Butler, Tracy O’Riordan and Screenplay by Neil McKay.

Dream Horse movie starring Clare Balding, Katherine Jenkins, Lynda Baron, Anthony O’Donnell, Steffan Rhodri, Peter Davison, Karl Johnson, Siân Phillips, Nicholas Farrell, Joanna Page, Owen Teale, Damian Lewis and Toni Collette in the leading roles.

This film music composed by Benjamin Woodgates, Cinematography Erik Wilson and Edited work done by Jamie Pearson. In this film Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and released on 21 May 2021.

Dream Horse Movie Story Line

Dream Horse is the true story of a woman’s extraordinary ambition to breed champion racehorses in her hometown. Jan Vokes (Toni Collette), the housekeeper and waitress, manages to convince her neighbors and friends to invest in her crazy plan, and together they name their foals the “Dream Horse”.

With little experience but a lot of heart, the group of villagers backs “Dream” and climbs through thick and thin. “Dream Horse” turned out to be more than the million-pound racehorse he faced: he was a true champion of the people and took his place at his own game.

But beyond that, “dreams” start to change everyone’s lives in this small community, and Jan is no exception. He is everything to him: a friend, a confidant and an escape from everyday life.

Muriel’s Wedding star Toni Collette plays Jan Vokes, a small-town bartender in Wales. She now leads a dull life with her retired husband Brian (Owen Teale), who barely listens to her and longs for something to break his routine and give some energy to his financially struggling community.

Passionate about hunting dogs and racing pigeons, decides to breed and train a champion stallion. But if there’s nothing special or surprising about this film from director Euros Lyn and screenwriter Neil McKay, then it’s almost impossible not to love it.

Sports Comedy Drama Movie

The warmth of his interpretation gives the film an extraordinary rhythm. Collette, the formidable actor who is always present in every role, brought us a very likeable Jan: shy but tough and determined. This is a sports comedy drama film, directed by Euros Lyn and Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Lewis is strong but very insightful, as is the handsome Howard. Who almost lost his shirt with the Sport of Kings in the past. And it was great to see Joanna Page as Angela, Howard’s wife, and a performance by Siân Phillips, Maureen, a local woman who loves Tunnock tea cake.

Toni Collette and Damian Lewis in Dream Horse Movie

Based on real people, it’s not hard to fill a bunch of colorful, funny, crazy characters, but McKay keeps an eye on everyone. Your requests, if not explained in detail, will be explained carefully. While the glorious moments are particularly poignant.

There is enough humor and a pinch of vinegar to drown out overly fairytale or sentimental behavior. There is a long shot that you can win if you reach the lane. But for the owner, the win is the icing on the cake. Dream Horse gives them a sense of purpose, friendship and community.

Currently in production in Wales, this is the true story of Jan Vokes (star of Hereditary Collette). A housekeeper and bartender who decides to raise and breed racehorses in her village. He finally convinces his neighbors to invest in his crazy plan and together they name the new stallion Dream Horse.

A group of locals with little experience but a lot of heart follow “Dream Horse” as they rise through the ranks against all odds, all against elite runners in a thrilling race for the national title. Billion Lewis star plays Howard Davies, who convinces local accountants to team up with humans to form a racing consortium.