IMDb Rating 6.1

Crisis is a 2021 crime thriller film directed by Nicholas Jarecki. This film Produced by Cassian Elwes, Nicholas Jarecki and Written by Nicholas Jarecki.

Crisis movie starring Gary Oldman, Armie Hammer, Evangeline Lilly, Greg Kinnear, Michelle Rodriguez, Luke Evans, Lily-Rose Depp, Scott Mescudi, Martin Donovan and Guy Nadon in the leading roles.

This film music omposed by Raphael Reed, Cinematography Nicolas Bolduc and Edited work done by Duff Smith.

Crisis Movie Story Line

A drug dealer organizes fentanyl trafficking from various cartels. An architect recovering from oxycodon addiction discovers the truth behind his son’s disappearance. A college professor is confronted with unexpected statements about his employer, a pharmaceutical company that is marketing new “addiction-free” painkillers. In this dramatic thriller from writer and director Nicholas Jarecki (Arbitration), his stories collide against the backdrop of an opioid epidemic.

And the boring thing is, it’s like this harmless, well-meaning movie is wasting its potential and wanting to be good and be forgotten. Jarecki’s obvious setback as a writer who has paralyzed the venerable financial thriller “Arbitration” to a lesser extent since 2012 adds to the image impression of the numbers.

However, none of this “this is a public health crisis,” the explosions of leaders seeking moral leaders, or the overwhelming screams of grieving citizens here do not evoke memories or emergencies.

Unable to rely on dominant politics and anarchist figures of speech, this third grapples more with Jarecki’s sometimes strange writings. Dr. Brower faces predictable hurdles as he tries to get drug administrators to heed the warnings of his findings: First they carefully try to bribe him.

Then they worry college leaders about the millions they are spending on research, and then they execute. Campaign to discredit him. Oldman calms down like a trembling man preoccupied with the past but presumably preserving his own fate. But the film’s portrayal of his fate feels general and artificial.

Gary Oldman and Armie Hammer in Crisis Movie

Other problems are on the rise, including the troubling problem that Brower plagued a college student years ago. And colleges are now taking action to stop him from talking about drug testing. The film portrays this as dishonest and hypocritical in the name of the university.

Many viewers thought this was what the universities had to do at the time. He doesn’t reveal the idea that an agency is doing the right thing for the wrong reasons, because that’s not the kind of crisis movie they’re facing. The US prescription drug epidemic needs as much explanation as possible.

Women suffered the most because Lilly stuck in the female version of Liam Neeson due to lack of character development. She goes to great lengths inspire her mother, who cries with more humanity and deeper feelings than most other actors.

But it’s frustrating to see her play a woman defined only by her relationship with her son. Other female characters here are of similar depth. Their roles limited to comic book villains or the “wait for your man” silent trope.