IMDb Rating 6.4

Children of the Corn is the popular 2020 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Kurt Wimmer. Elena Kampouris, Kate Moyer, Callan Mulvey and Bruce Spence are featured in this film. It is the sequel to Children of the Corn (1984) and the eleventh episode of the Children of the Corn series. The soundtrack composed by Matt Jantzen and the camera by Andrew Rowlands.

Children of the Corn Movie Story Line

The short story “Children of the Corn” published in Stephen King’s Night Shift collection in 1978. The collection also includes popular stories such as “Jerusalem Plot”, “The Mower” and “The Shift of the Graves”. In 1984 Fritz Kiersch adapted it to the big screen. Despite bad reviews and bad reviews, the original film Children Of The Corn turned out to one of Stephen King’s best franchises. The story is about a couple, Burt and Vicky, who travel to Nebraska to visit their brother.

In King’s selfless novel, Wimmer, “In a small town in Nebraska, a 12-year-old psychopathic girl recruits all the other children and goes mad, killing corrupt adults and practitioners.” A brilliant student who doesn’t follow his plan is the town’s only hope of survival.

Earlier this month, The Hollywood Reporter released “Children of the Corn,” the secret remake of producer Lucas Foster (Ford vs. Ferrari, Morbius) and director Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium) outside Sydney, Australia. despite lockdown laws. Confirmed they suffered. It has published all over the country. Go ashore on March 23. According reports, Foster able to get an “exemption from the general quarantine rule” by working with the state filmmaking authority.

Production was largely based on security director Jon Heaney. As a stunt coordinator with credits to “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones”, he also has experience in the construction and mining industries. He also works closely with NSW Screen and SafeWork NSW. Australia has now developed standard protocols for film and television production and has lowered domestic travel bans and restrictions as the number of infections decreases.

Elena Kampouris and Kate Moyer in Children of the Corn Movie

As we learned and reported last month, despite the breakout, producer Lucas Foster (Ford vs Ferrari) and director Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium, Ultraviolet) managed to continue production of Stephen King’s new film Children. of the corn in Australia. a large part of world production. and Variety reported that filming ended today.

Written and directed by Kurt Wimmer (ultraviolet; balance), the plot is based on the Stephen King short story, but “has little to do with the 1984 film.” This production film stars Elena Kampouris (Holy Lies), Kate Moyer (The Handmaid’s Tale), Callan Mulvey (Avengers: Endgame) and Bruce Spence (The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King).

In collaboration with Safe Work NSW and film safety specialist Jon Heaney. They developed a restructured film schedule and methodology that enforces health and safety measures during production. Since they already collected in one place. The players and the whole team can isolated together to limit the possible spread of the virus.