IMDb Rating 5.3

Bliss is a 2021 American drama film directed by Mike Cahill. The film Produced by James D. Stern and Written by Mike Cahill. This film starring Owen Wilson, Salma Hayek, Madeline Zima, Nesta Cooper, Joshua Leonard, Ronny Chieng, Steve Zissis and Bill Nye in the leading roles.

Bliss film music composed by Will Bates, Cinematography Markus Förderer and Edited work done by Troy Takaki. The film Distributed by Amazon Prime Video released on February 5, 2021.

Bliss Movie Storu Line

Bliss is a mind-boggling love story that follows Greg (Owen Wilson), who lives on the streets following his divorce and subsequent release, and meets the mysterious Isabel (Salma Hayek) who believes a world is corrupt and contaminated. there is nothing around you other than computer simulations. Suspicious at first, Greg eventually discovers that Isabel’s brutal conspiracy may be a fact.

Happiness got off to a pretty good start when Greg (Wilson) spent a dark day in a computer call center designed by Jean-Paul Sartre. He ignored the blinking red lights on the phone board, sketched the house he’d dreamed of in a seaside town, and threw himself into a pill bottle to cure a nonexistent illness.

He recently got divorced, away from his teenage daughter (Nesta Cooper), and barely works these days. So before we do, we know what will happen if her boss calls her in the office. When Greg was fired, he accidentally hit his boss on the table and killed him.

In a series of scenes, it turns out that Greg is more immersed in hallucinations and that his telecenesis is in his own head. Homeless and lost consciousness from time travel. After an argument on the track in which she and Isabel telekinetically imagine hitting bats and other skaters on the rink. She watches as the police catch the bully and then end up in a police car. Liberated as a foreigner, Greg tries to buy fast food, but discovers he has no money. A good worker feeds him “old” food. Meanwhile, her daughter Emily is looking for her.

Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek in Bliss Movie

Like a bunch of super-powered idiots, the two end up in a bizarre indie comedy almost all over town. They go to the ice rink and throw people on the floor with magic guns while playing serious and sexy music, when they touch the skates in the shower it is much better for the picture.

But Greg’s new blunder, happiness, has an emotional connection: Greg’s daughter Emily (Nesta Cooper), deeply concerned about her father’s disappearance, tries to find him. When he saw him again, suddenly two weeks passed and he got into a fight with drug dealers.

Greg is invited to a meeting with his boss. Bjorn (Steve Zissis), and fires Greg never to focus on his job. Angry, Greg Björn hitting the table with his head, he died. Instead of looking for emergency numbers, Greg hid his body and fled. At a bar called Isabel (Salma Hayek), she meets a woman who encounters telekinesis who claims to be ‘real’ because she is defending herself against her powers.

He tells Greg that if he helps him find a special talisman with special powers to control the fake world. It will help him escape prison for his crimes. It did, and then Isabel told him the world was an artificial simulation and Greg could control it. She wants her boss’s body to fall out the window and thinks everyone has committed suicide.

A subplot of Emily’s desperate attempt to find her missing father is embarrassing. As with his previous films, Cahill tries to add an exciting element to the mix. But the risks seem so realistic that there is little tension. Wilson’s sweet and unusual personality made him perfect for the role, allowing the audience to fully identify with Greg’s confusion.