IMDb Rating 5.6

Benny Loves You is a 2021 British-American horror comedy film written, produced and directed by Karl Holt. This film starring Claire Cartwright, George Collie, James Parsons, Karl Holt, Anthony Styles, Darren Benedict, Lydia Hourihan, David Wayman, Jennifer Healy, Bella Munday, Catriona McDonald, Greg Barnett, Logan Murray and Greg Page in the leading roles.

Benny Loves You film Cinematography John Bowe, Karl Holt and Edited work done by Karl Holt. This film Distributed by Epic Pictures and released on May 7, 2021.

Benny Loves You Movie Story Line

After the accidental death of his parents, Jack’s comfortable lifestyle comes to an end and he is forced to sell his childhood home. Desperate for a better life, Jack throws away his childhood things, including his beloved baby Benny.

An act with serious consequences if Benny continues to live with deadly intent. In a series of strange accidents, he was orphaned at the age of 35 and took over the family estate. Unable to pay the bill, he realized he had to grow up and look for a big promotion at work.

The focus of the film is Jack (writer and director Karl Holt, who plays various roles), who also narrates the story. As a 35-year-old submissive still living at home and struggling to continue his career as a toy designer, it first sounds like Simon Pegg’s attempt to resume his abusive relationship with “Shaun of the Dead.”

But just as he came up with the name (the cheerful phrase of the talking toy gives the film its name), Jack looks like an imitator, more mega-blocks than Lego. As if he had conspired against his luck, everyone in his life connected to him. This makes rooting easier, if not less smooth, but vice versa.

All this means nothing more than making a movie where stuffed animals brutally kill everyone around them. So Benny stands up with a gun in his hand. Foils Jack’s attempts to live his life and kills everyone he meets threatens his bond with the person he loves.

Social brokers, abusive colleagues and even harmless animals feed Benny’s bloodlust and Holt’s wild imagination. If Benny Loves You was just a regular part of British comedy before Benny’s arrival. He became more and more glamorous and lazy as he progressed.

Karl Holt and Claire Cartwright in Benny Loves You Movie

Benny Loves You is a simple animated film. Benny is there to protect Jack from real estate agents trying to sell his house, evil bosses and animals standing in his way. The damn bullshit that started was so ridiculous and somehow it worked.

Okay, everyone should be able to kick Benny and apparently the victim forgets how doorknobs work. But it’s the silliness, the storytelling and the visuals that really work. It all sounds really funny – Benny Loves You is a riot with physical jokes like creative kills, fake moments and star blood.

The moves are loose and jerky, but more so (think Willy’s Wonderland) so you never feel like you’re in the action. He’s not scary and you never really understand his character. For example, they are afraid of horror movies, but then gladly take advantage of their bloodlust and carnage.

I thought that, like his only weakness, would play a big part in his development or his demise. But no it wasn’t even announced. A killer doll who is afraid of the boring horror movie B. And one last point before you say nice things. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: let’s drop the boy.