IMDb Rating 5

Archenemy is a 2020 superhero mystery-thriller film directed and written by Adam Egypt Mortimer. The film Produced by Daniel Noah, Elijah Wood, Kim Sherman, Lisa Whalen, Joe Manganiello, Nick Manganiello and Screenplay by Adam Egypt Mortimer.

This film starring Joe Manganiello, Skylan Brooks, Zolee Griggs, Paul Scheer, Amy Seimetz and Glenn Howerton in the leading roles. The film music composed by Matt Hill, Cinematography Halyna Hutchins and Edited work done by Chris Patterson.

Archenemy Movie Story Line

Max Fist (Joe Manganiello) claims to be a hero from another dimension who falls to Earth from time and space where he has no power. No one believed the story except a local teen named Hamster. Together they take to the streets to take down the local drug organization and the heinous crime boss Warden.

Brooks plays a young man who calls himself the Hamster, a self-taught storyteller in search of an audience. He took part in a pilot program for an innovative new media company called Trendible. But his first attempt at documenting life on the street follows his sister Indigo (Zolee Griggs), a drug dealer who comes in hoping to get the hamsters out of college and the store. If family dynamics are less reliable, Indigo’s workplace doubles; here’s a king named Manager (Glen Howerton) watching a growing gang of villains.

Indigo is even worse when the director takes money from one of the rebel operators named War. He is played by comedian Paul Scheer, who wears a pair of red Speedos and a short barbed wire tattoo on his forehead. He raps indigo with a cruelty that makes the audience think, thank you. But i watched Boogie Nights and actually I prefer to watch it now. Oh, I also watched “Unbearable Cruelty”.

Joe Manganiello and Skylan Brooks in Archenemy Movie

To everyone’s surprise, he literally creates traffic by noting Max’s wacky adventures that are awkward. Sometimes violent, often drunk, rarely heroic, and less than super environments. Archenemy Still, the Sovereign’s villains prove to be a valuable friend. When Indigo learns that the money Krieg sent to find drug addicts has been lost. Like Max and the hamsters or not, Max declares war on the bad guys on their behalf.

That’s not to say the “real” world is boring, because it certainly has fun and colorful characters. Always Sunny in Philadelphia Glenn Howerton makes a beautiful appearance as a ruthless crime boss known only as a manager. Skylan Brooks also provides positive and inspiring light to balance Max’s ghostly nature. Although he’s only friends, he started his story from the beginning with his sister, Indigo, played by Zolee Griggs.

If Sam Shepard had written a Archenemy superhero movie about a drunkard under the bridge while he was the keeper of another dimension, he would have looked like Mortimer’s nemesis. While the stories are a bit mixed at times.

The strong looks of Manganiello, Griggs, Brooks and the short scenes that play out Seimetz’s appearance support the film and keep the audience curious. It’s also fun to watch famous comedians Howerton and Paul Scheer play against the man in this brutal revenge story, sharing special little moments of cunning.