IMDb Rating 6.3

All My Life is a 2020 American romantic drama film directed by Marc Meyers. The film starring Jessica Rothe, Harry Shum Jr., Kyle Allen, Chrissie Fit, Jay Pharoah, Marielle Scott and Keala Settle in the leading roles.

This film Produced by Todd Garner, Sean Robins and Written by Todd Rosenberg. This film music composed by Lisbeth Scott, Cinematography Russ Alsobrook and Edited work done by David Moritz.

All My Life Movie Story Line

“All My Life” based on the true story of young couple planning their wedding when groom diagnosed with fatal cancer. It not intended to address existential issues or provide more than brief description of physical and emotional harm cancer treatment.

If you’re in the mood for sad tales of incredibly interesting people who have all of the glitter of the Pottery Barn catalog and all of the depth of the ‘wait’ greeting card, but learn to make the most of their time, cheat.

In these sarcastic times, it can be difficult to come to terms with the true story of a young couple’s love story interrupted by a deadly illness. But the moving warmth and compassion of “All My Life” melts even the coldest of hearts in their efforts to convey happy and sad tears.

Unlike Nicholas Sparks’ bogus, gentle, and manipulative romance agent. These three handkerchiefs have a surprising number of hearts and hope to accompany each cathartic scream.

While Sunshine on Screen (Harry Shum Jr.) and Jennifer (Jessica Rothe) are often attractive as a friendly and nonspecific young middle-class couple, I find it hard to understand what makes this particular story worthy of a cinematic treatment.

Meyers and screenwriter Todd Rosenberg haven’t done much about GoFundMe’s wedding fantasy to show what this fundraising event is all about. Sol and Jennifer, on the other hand, walked through the soft clouds of salesperson’s generosity several times during the wedding planning process.

Jessica Rothe and Harry Shum Jr. in All My Life Movie

Sol also diagnosed with liver cancer the year he recommended me on Flash Mob, which he hosted with the help of our family and friends. We are two ordinary people in very extraordinary situations.

We have the option to worry that solar cancer prognosis will affect us. Or to work together most of the time to carry on with all the love and support. Our family and friends, our community, and even complete strangers stepped in to make Sol’s last months of life unforgettable.

But when Sol is diagnosed with fatal liver cancer in December, plans for a summer wedding become impossible. Race Against Time, friends and family Jenn and Sol launched an online fundraiser to help the couple realize their dream wedding in just two weeks.

In doing this, they caused an influx of generosity and compassion from people around the world who wanted to celebrate the power of love with them. Regardless, the relationship between Jenn and Sol deepens and becomes a poignant reminder that. The power of true love knows no bounds.

The first part of the film shows Jenn in her brightest form and while dealing with Sol’s disease. Rothe perfectly embodies Jenn’s broken heart, but also shows her intense determination when she asks him to fight.

Like her partner in all disguises, Shum was finally able to play the romantic role. She’d never had in Crazy Rich Asians, and she made the most of it. Fans of his work on TV won’t be surprised when he puts on his benevolent sunglasses so easily. It’s not hard to believe why the two fell in love because of their chemistry.