IMDb Rating 5

2 Hearts is a 2020 American romantic drama film directed by Lance Hool. This film starring Jacob Elordi, Adan Canto, Tiera Skovbye and Radha Mitchell. Based on the true story of Leslie and Jorge Bacardi and Christopher Gregory. The film premiered in US theaters on October 16, 2020 and received generally negative reviews from critics.

2 Hearts Movie Story Line

Chris is a freshman whose love for his passionate classmates helps him find the purpose he is looking for. Elsewhere and then Jorge often fell in love with flight attendant Leslie. While they should never get together, fate has something totally unexpected for both parties that will drastically change the course of their lives.

The plot revolves around two loves and an unexpected relationship between two generous men. However, it does require some searing twists. Including a lengthy ‘dream streak’ with ridiculous developments and big plot holes that only make sense after 20 minutes and turn into a painful dream. This movie aims to sell Jorge and Chris as romantic heroes. But their dialogue and declarations of love are more brutal than hugs.

We think 2 Hearts the kind of heartwarming and uplifting love story the public needs and wants to experience today. Chris Charalambous, Freestyle Achievement Manager, said Tuesday. 2 Hearts, Veronica Hool and Robin U. Directed by Hool from a screenplay written by Russian. Producer credit is shared between Conrad Hool and Lance Hool.

The couple’s stories are like competing Hallmark cards, but if you had to pick the former it would be great to see how much you love each other! It’s a college romance between Chris (Jacob Elordi), a solid newcomer to Loyola, and Sam (Tiera Skovbye), a senior who loved him at first sight. Jacob Elordi from “Kissing Booth” and “Euphoria” did nothing to be in this movie. Like Chris, his “sincerity” is so striking that it turns into a sweet smile.

Jacob Elordi and Adan Canto in 2 Hearts Movie

Directed by Lance Hool, 2 Hearts is based on the true story of Leslie and Jorge Bacardi from the famous Bacardi Rum family business. Jorge has had a lung disease since he a child and suffers from a lung disease that nearly ended his life, according to the Mayo Clinic. Jorge has helped the clinic fund his research since his recovery.

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We think 2 Hearts is the kind of heartwarming and uplifting love story today’s audience needs and wants to experience, said Chris Charalambous, Freestyle Purchasing Director. Director Lance Hool and his crew have made a beautiful and unforgettable film about romance and the power of relationships. Based on real life events that are not only moving, but now also make the perfect film. For anyone who is a fan of love stories, 2 Hearts plays a new star in an unforgettable role.